GROUP28 Plenary

Confirmed Plenary Speakers

  • Michio Jimbo (Rikkyo University, Japan)
    Wigner Medal winner 2010
    What are the 'full symmetries' in quantum integrable models?
  • Raymond Goldstein (Cambridge University, UK)
    Evolution of biological complexity
  • Jens Eisert (Potsdam University, Germany)
    Taming apparent relaxation of quantum many-body systems
  • Francesco Iachello (Yale University, USA)
    The mysterious world of symmetry in Physics. Public Lecture, poster
  • Ulf Leonhardt (University of St Andrews, UK)
    Cloaking and perfect imaging by Non-Euclidean transformation optics
  • Arndt von Haeseler (Vienna University and University of Veterinary Medicine, Austria)
    A fresh view of sequence evolution
  • Shahn Majid (Queen Mary University, UK)
    Quantum group anomalies, nonassociativity and the origin of time
  • Mark Trodden (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
    Cosmic acceleration and the challenge of modifying gravity
  • Michael Berry (Bristol University, UK)
    Variations on a theme of Aharonov and Bohm
  • Richard Ward (Durham University, UK)
    Skyrmions and Monopoles - Isolated and arrayed
  • MarĂ­a Vozmediano (CSIC, Spain)
    General relativity and graphene
  • Katrin Wendland (Augsburg University, Germany)
    Superconformal field theories and the geometry of singularities
  • Giulio Chiribella (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada)
    Weyl Prize 2010
    Group theoretic quantum estimation